About Us

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A big hello to all our new and regular readers, we’re into our third issue of the Electric Dreams Magazine now and we are growing in not just readership but excitedly in content and popularity.
We thought that it was about time for us to tell you a little more about us and the direction we are heading…
We started off two months ago with our first copy of the magazine not knowing for sure what kind of reception it would get and now with fans and readers in Canada, the US and Europe, besides our homegrown readership, things are looking good.
We are currently running our fab new publication as a “not for profit” enterprise over a five-month trial, ploughing every penny made back into the magazine. Our amazing collaborators and contributors to the magazine, the models, the photographers, the graphic artists and editorial staff in the lovely shape of Sasha with her “Tips From The Velvet”, Dikki our editor in chief and myself, Dave who are all working using the same enterprising principle.
If after our trial period is up we come to the concussion that it is a success and is safely capable of turning a profit, we will continue on more of a business footing, with paid for content from both models and photographers. We will also be looking at securing some mainstream advertisers to feature within the magazine.
However, if the magazine fails to take off in a way that would or could be deemed as profitable, we will close it down but with great memories and with the knowledge that we give it all we could for you, our readership. Hopefully, this won’t be the case and with your continued support we will go from strength to strength and develop even more new and exciting features.
As a collaborative group, we are made up of almost an equal number of men and women, which with each individual input, we would hope delivers a balanced overview of the glamour world today.
We are using all the feedback we get from you on all our social media platforms to dynamically shape and create each month’s magazine, a magazine that the industry has been crying out for.